Ligeti Piano Concerto with Kazushi Ono

A (rare) performance of AUSKLANG by HELMUT LACHENMANN (and many other treasures)
performance Ausklang

festival artist in Leuven -sept/okt 2023

…But the symphony is also concertante in the essential role it leaves to the two solo instruments: the fascinating and mysterious Ondes Martenot (played on Thursday by an expert, the Englishwoman Cynthia Millar, trained by Messiaen's muse Jeanne Loriod), but also the piano, whose role the composer described as "a part of extreme difficulty, destined to 'diamond' the orchestra with brilliant strokes, clusters of chords, birdsong" to the point of making it "almost a piano concerto". A former winner of the Queen Elisabeth Competition and Ono's accomplice since the Japanese conductor's time as musical director of La Monnaie, Jan Michiels shows himself to be fabulously precise and energetic, but at the same time he plays with a kind of quiet strength, modest sobriety and aloof elegance. In the end, the enthusiastic audience is on its feet…
Messiaen Turangalila
4/5/23 Brussels Bozar
5/5/23 Brugge Concertgebouw
6/5/23 Antwerpen Singel

new cd - complete Preludes by Chopin and Debussy (with some visitors in a Proustian salon)
Jan the Connector

‎Preludes, Interludes, Postludes‎


‎That Jan Michiels is an exceptional performer of modern repertoire, he has proven for more than thirty years on stage and in recordings. To convince us of his abilities, he no longer needs this new album ‎‎Préludes, Interludes, Postludes‎‎. The interpretations of old faithful like Kurtág and Ligeti, but also Debussy and Chopin are again formidable. He honours each composer in his uniqueness: the dreaminess of the ‎‎Préludes‎‎, the menacing frivolity of ‎‎Játékok‎‎, the passionate accentuation of the ‎‎Études‎‎. ‎

‎But the strength of his new CD lies most in the way he weaves Chopin's ‎‎24 Preludes‎‎ as a thread through the three other collections. How he gets a line in this abundance of short piano works. And how, despite their obvious stylistic differences, they seem to grow closer together. It sounds like obvious to bring this foursome together, and that means that Michiels has succeeded in his intention. ‎‎(jc)‎

Creation Piano Concerto Annelies Van Parys - May 2022world creation

In Search of Lost Time - see video below (from 09'24"")

ISOLT in De Singel 5/2/22

23/10/21 - World Creation 'Rispecchiato in Quarzo' by Osvaldo Coluccino

review coluccino

Beethoven 4 coronaproof
beethoven IV
Busoni in Padova
busoni in padova


Mahler 3d Symphony with four hands !

Hindemith  Ludus Tonalis

live recording Strasbourg 21/11/19
Beethoven Klavierkonzert IV
Orchestre Symphonique des Conservatoires de Strasbourg et Bruxelles - conductor N.Richter
Beethoven IV

De Standaard (Annemarie Peeters) on 5/8/19 about the Liszt recital in the Ma Festival

Gretchen - F.Liszt

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